Rental terms for the apartments in Houmbgaarden Kjerkgata 11
Booking and payment:
Tenant books apartment by e-mail. Telephone + 47  928 11 386 Bookings are managed manually and response from owner on the apartments vacancy will be given as soon as possible. Tenant must check arrival and departure times and take contact immediately if any mistakes. The reservation is binding. The rental agreement and invoice will be sent out per e-mail or post and is due 14 days before arrival. Reservation less than 14 days before arrival must be paid immediately. If reservation is less than a week before arrival, the tenant will recieve the rental agreement and invoice at arrival. The sum of the rent will then be paid in cash. At lack of payment, the agreement np longer applies. Keys will not be delivered until the sum of the rent is paid in full.

The rent payment:
The prices of the apartments are in NOK and covers apartment rental, including electricity and firewood to a limited extent during cold periods. At arrival there will detergent for washing machine and dishwasher and for cleaning and toilet paper. Duvets and pillows to all the number of beds and cleaning equipment like bucket, long-handled broom, clothes, vacuum cleaner are in the apartments.

Cancellation up to 14 days before arrivale is free. Cancellation after 14 days before arrival costs 100 % of the rent. Change of rental period can be done until 14 days before rental start.  If changes are done later than that, the cancellation conditions come into force.

Travel insurance / travel cancellation insurance
Owner can not offer travel insurance / travel cancellation insurance and recommends that tenant uses his or herown insurance company for that. Equipment and possessions that tenant brings with him, is not insured by the owner.

Arrival with delivery of key etc, to be agreed upon. Prospective complaints on cleaning or lack of something in the apartment must be submitted within 1 hour after arrival. Owner will then fix faults or lack of cleaning. The rent will not be refunded due to lack of cleaning. It is not permitted to park a car in the Houmbgaarden  backyard. A parking card for 1 car at indicated space is included in the rent agreement. Tenant is responsible for parking legally. Owner is not responsible for wrongful use of parking card.

Number of guests.
Peace and order prevail. Vandalism etc. The apartment must not be used by more guests than agreed upon. Noise that can bother neighbours and other tenants must not be made. Violation can lead to eviction without rent refund. Damage of furniture and equipment that belongs to the apartment, and is not caused by normal wear and tear must be compensated by tenant. Orderliness og house regulations for each individual apartment is included as part of the agreement.

Pets and smoking:
Pets can not be brought along or be given boarding in the apartments. Smoking in the apartment, in stairs, staircase and on veranda is not permitted. If you smoke in the apartments, it realeases claim for damages.

Departure and final cleaning
Linen with towel and final cleaning is include the rent. Not washing and tidying, Beds made up by the guests themselves.
The apartment must be sorted, kitchen counter, tables and stove wiped off, the dishwasher emptied for dishes and put in place,
bedclothes removed and laid by the beds. Trash must be emptied at  indicated place and the tenant must bring  bottles with them.

Return of key and parking card.
Key must be returned with parking card and control to list to agreed upon departure.

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